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How 'should' we be feeling at this time?

I wonder if you are feeling like me at this time, I should be doing more, should be connecting with my kids more, should be making better use of this time to help them grow spiritually, academically, in relationship with one another, I should be looking out for my neighbours, my elderly relatives and friends, the frontline workers, I should be praying more and for so many people – those sick, those struggling, those losing their jobs, our leaders … Are you feeling like me? Overwhelmed with ‘shoulds’?

I am so inspired by so many of the sermons, daily Christian podcasts, devotional series, blogs, and prayers circulating from the Christian community around the world from all different denominations right now. My email inbox and social media feeds are being filled with inspiration, courage, prayer and wonderful ideas and messages.

Yet, it is also overwhelming and I feel underwhelmed with my ability to respond appropriately! So many wonderful ideas and prayers out there! No matter how hard I try, I am not able to absorb all these ideas, give in all these wonderful ways, say all these great prayers, or care as much as I want, or even potentially normally world. And then I get disheartened…and wonder why?

I am putting pressure on myself on how I should be responding and feeling, but this is an unprecedented time and there isn’t a book on how we should/can each respond. I read a great blog (one of many) on the need to show compassion, maybe we need to also show compassion to ourselves. Admitting we need to be softer on ourselves, release all the ‘shoulds’ and focus on extending love to ourselves, our immediate family and then only who God puts next on our hearts, doorsteps, vision. Trusting God that He will give us the people who need our care, and others will be cared for by others.

Maybe you are like me, five (or more or less) primary school and younger age children at home, trying to keep them in a routine, happy, connected to one another, friends, family, kind to each other, and inspired to make the most of this time. I sat with the five of them doing online church on Sunday and just felt an overwhelming sense, that this is my purpose for right now, to love them well and ensure they enjoy this time. For me, my capacity isn’t going far beyond this and, maybe, this is OK for right now…(I may still need daily convincing of this!).

So today, I encourage you to be kind to yourself, try taking the pressure off responding too far beyond your home, focus on your kids so they know they are loved, safe, and find joy in the day to day of being with one another, being with loving parents, and being loved by a heavenly Father.

What do you reckon?

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