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Child Safety

We believe child safety is everyone’s responsibility and Fostering Hope has zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and child abuse. Child and youth safety and wellbeing is embedded in Fostering Hope’s leadership, governance, and culture. We are committed to continually reviewing and improving our child safety practices and training.

Fostering Hope is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. Our work is grounded in seeing children and young people heal, grow, and flourish. As an organisation we abide by the Child and Youth Safe Organisations Act 2023 (Tas) and uphold the universal principle and 10 Child and Youth Safe Standards for Tasmania.

As part of our commitment and as required by law, Fostering Hope has a Child Protection Policy, a Code of Conduct and framework of procedures and policies that consider and protection children and young people.


Fostering Hope recognises the importance of hearing children and young people’s voice in the programs and services we run for them. We seek to empower and hear from them, being particularly aware of the additional needs of children and young people growing up in care and Indigenous children and young people.

We use ChildSafe

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If you would like to make a report and would prefer to speak or meet with someone, please call
0426 535 749 or email

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