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Vision: Fostering Hope exists to reflect Christ’s love by supporting at-risk children, and those who care for them. 




  1. To offer hope to children by giving them a vision of life beyond their current circumstances. 

  2. To encourage Australian churches to respond to the urgent and God given mission of fostering in their community, and to inspire and invite Christians to open their homes to at-risk children. 

  3. To provide regular and ongoing prayer, support and training to those who are caring for at risk children. 


Values: Fostering Hope has four core values that influence all our work. We are Christian, child-focused and believe in the importance of community. 


  1. We are Christian:  We are committed to the belief that each of us has been rescued by God, in Christ, and adopted into His family. Having been rescued and adopted we are then encouraged and empowered to live a life which follows Jesus' example of loving and accepting the vulnerable and powerless, and so we commit ourselves to prayerfully doing the same. 

  2. We are Child-focused: We are committed to finding the best possible home for every child and young person who needs one, where they will find belonging, hope, and an opportunity to thrive. We are committed to listening to the voices of children and young people to influence and shape our practice. We believe that the most vulnerable members of our society are children and young people who do not have protection from their parents. It is for those children and young people that we exist. 

  3. We are Community-building: We are committed to creating a community which provides spiritual and practical support to carers and those for whom they are caring. We do this because caring for vulnerable children requires a larger community than one individual family unit. Further, we are committed to encouraging churches to support foster/kinship families and the children in their care. 

  4. We are other-centred: We are committed to living out our faith not only in what we do but also in how we do it. We seek to emulate Jesus in our manner and internal attitude, as well as our actions, by putting others before ourselves. We are passionate about always behaving with integrity, kindness, respect, humility, and grace with each other, and all those whom we meet.  



Fostering Hope is a community organisation whose work comes from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus to ‘visit’ and ‘care for’ orphans and widows, to put the lonely in families, to love the fatherless, to care for children, and to love their neighbours in the communities. We are seeking to find families for children growing up in out of home care that are healing, hopeful, and respectful of everyone on the journey.

Our history

Fostering Hope was born out of a handful of Christian fostering families who connected and shared their journeys together. Because they desired to invite others into their stories, these families started having conversations with the wider Christian body about the need for more carers, the joys and hardships, and asked people to join them in their churches, schools, and communities.


From that beginning, we have grown to now offer wrap around support for foster, kinship, and informal carers, and their kids in care, throughout Tasmania. Fostering Hope is humbled by the support from donors, churches, denominations, media, and the community of its work.

Family Moments
Knowing that we are on the journey together and share a common passion and goal is always so inspiring to me.

Mary Blake - Executive Officer

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